The 18th November 2010 Quiz

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63 teams representing the European Union institutions, Journalists, Companies, Law firms and Consultancies competed against each other in a test of General Knowledge. Novartis were the winners closely followed by H&K Oldtimers and Cambre 2 in joint second position and White and Case Outsiders came in at 4th place.

At the Sixteenth Quiz for Children, professional moderator, Jacki Davis and journalist Geoff Meade acted as Quizmasters supported by Expats for UNICEF volunteers, and APCO staff dressed in UNICEF T-Shirts and Bear costumes.

Again all proceeds went to UNCIEF’s WASH campaign aimed at providing safe drink water for children in developing countries. The last three Quizzes have now raised enough funds to supply safe drinking water for 21,795 children in developing countries helping to improve and save lives. Funds were raised through sponsorship, tables, drinks, pre-Christmas sales of the UNICEF bear seen here, and a raffle with generous prizes including airline tickets courtesy of Lufthansa.

Special thanks go to SAB Miller who were once again Quiz gold sponsors living up to their slogan ‘Making a difference through beer’. Thanks also go to silver sponsor Fleishman-Hillard, and bronze sponsors Eurelectric, Kreab Gavin Anderson, Fulcra and the original Ernst and Young team.

Master of Ceremonies, Mark Dober said

16 is an important moment of change in anyone’s life especially a bear - so it is with mixed feelings that we announced the official retirement of Pudsey Bear but happy to announce his replacement by an energetic young UNICEF bear - which means that 100% of the money we raise tonight will be for children around the world through UNICEF. Continuing the Belgian celebrity theme we were very proud to host Platinum-record selling UNICEF Ambassador Helmut Lotti. Expectations are high for the 2011 Quiz

Helmut Lotti who has sold over 13 million albums worldwide and received over 90 platinum and 70 gold albums, sang the Quiz Music Round and kicked-off the After Party with an amazing Elvis Presley inspired concert.

APCO Worldwide managing Director, Paolo Nicoletti commented

“We were very proud to host the 16th Quiz for Children. We are extremely grateful to all our many sponsors and participants. We look forward to hosting the next Quiz for Children in November 2011.”

Sonja Abeels of UNICEF Belgium said

"Thank you very much to everyone who supported the Quiz for Children. The WASH campaign is particularly important at this time as UNICEF is making a huge effort to stop the spread of cholera in Haiti. Large numbers of children are affected because 50 per cent of the population are under 18 years old. Children contract cholera through unsafe water and that is exactly what UNICEF’s WASH campaign is all about, providing safe drinking water for 8 euros per year per child.”

Challenging Quiz questions in 2010 included :

1. What is the longest river in the continent of Europe ?
2. What holds water yet is full of holes?
3. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child defines a child as "a human being” under which age ?
4. What is the greatest officially recorded number of children born to one mother ? Is it 35, 54 or 69 ?
5. John Cheese is the real name of which famous actor ?
6. Name one of the actors Angelina Jolie is divorced from ?
7. In which city was Herman van Rompuy born ?
8. Which kind of bear was not officially considered a bear until 1995 ?

Correct answers are at the bottom of the page.

Other entertaining highlights included a Chinese dragon.

All the best wishes to our Quiz supporters and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

We hope to see you on 24th November for the 2011 Quiz if not before !

Correct Answers to the Quiz Questions above.

1. The Volga.
2. A sponge.
3. Below the age of 18 years
4. It was 69
5. John Cleese
6. Jonny Lee Miller or Billy Bob Thornton.
7. Brussels (in Etterbeek)
8. The Panda