The 2011 Quiz for Children

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It’s Quiz time again and we’re all getting ready for the 18th annual Quiz for Children on 29 November 2012.  The event will once again take place at the Concert Noble.

Firstly, we would like to say THANK YOU to our sponsors and to everyone who participated last year in support of the UNICEF Learn to survive programme, which provides education for children in emergency situations.


The proceeds from the 2011 Quiz equate to each quiz team donating enough money to provide 40 children with education in zones affected by manmade or natural disasters.

As the anticipation mounts, let’s take a look back at last year’s fun filled evening.

67 teams representing Corporations, European Union institutions, Journalists, Law firms and Consultancies competed against each other in a gruelling test of General Knowledge with Jacki Davis, professional moderator, as our dynamic Quizmaster, supported by our expert Master of Ceremonies, Mark Dober, and enthusiastic volunteers from Expats for UNICEF, UNICEF Belgium and APCO Worldwide, all dressed in UNICEF T-Shirts….and not forgetting our all-dancing, all-posing “will do anything for a donation” Bears!


Entertainment was provided by the amazing Sylvain, magician and member of ‘Clowns and Magicians without Borders’, who stunned the crowd with illusions & tricks on stage and close-up. The most heard phrase of the evening was probably “How did he do that?”!

For the music round, we had singing from the talented Tchai of the ‘Tribute to Motown’ band, accompanied by Sebibass on… bass(!), who rocked the joint with the help of our wonderful dancing bears!



Team “Cambre 2” were the big winners closely followed by ”H&K Oldtimers” with “Acumen Public Affairs” in 3rd place.


Some of the mind-boggling questions they were challenged with were:

  1. It is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of the end, and the end of every space? What is it?
  2. Which European country is the world's oldest functioning democracy?
  3. What was the name and species of the famous animal that correctly predicted football outcomes at the 2010 World Cup?
  4. What is the first name of Captain Haddock in the film “The Adventures of Tintin”?

     (answers below)

Please join us on 29 November 2012 for another round of mind-teasers, fun and laughter.

Together let’s make it happen and help contribute to the success of this year’s project, the

UNICEF “Step by step closer to school” campaign which aims increase access to primary education for children in rural areas, focussing on India, the Peoples’ Republic of Congo, Haiti and Berundi.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you @ Concert Noble on 29 November!

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Thank you for your support.


 So how did you do?

  1. The Letter E
  2. Iceland  -their parliament, the Althing, is the oldest one still in use. It was formed in 930 by Vikings
  3. Paul the Octopus
  4. Archibald