Quiz History 1994 – 2006

Jeremy Jennings, the founding father of the European Trivia Quiz in aid of the BBC TV Children in Need Appeal first revealed the event to an unsuspecting Brussels public in November 1994. Following the popularity of the first appeal, the quiz became an annual ritual in the Brussels calendar.

The event went from success to success during 1994 to 2006, which was the year of the Grand Finale which took place on Friday 17th November 2006.

The success of such an event is, needless to say, the result of the efforts of a dedicated community of remarkable individuals.

First, we have to salute the patrons, whose reputation radiated on this event, giving it an aura of respectability. They truly formed the frontispiece of the event: Commissioners Joao Pinheiro and Neil Kinnock, as well as the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso all generously gave their Patronage to this event.

Then there were, of course, the extraordinary quiz masters whose charisma and eloquence came throughout the years to form the pillars of this monumental event: the late Sir John Gray (1994 to 1997), former Commissioner and Vice President of the European Commission Neil Kinnock (1998 to 2002) and the international reporter and wit Geoff Meade who was joined in the grand finale by his competitor and dear wife, Jackie Davies (2003 to 2006).

It would not be an exaggeration to say that European Trivia Quiz would have collapsed were it not for the fundamental role played by an army of helpers which our Amazon-in-Chief managed to recruit every year.

This bunch was an eclectic group made up of various nationalities and ranks which grew in numbers over the years from 8 to 25. It was those intrepid volunteers who, under the watchful eye of field Commander, Jeremy Jennings, guaranteed a consistent, seamless and high-quality Trivia Quiz.

But those that really made the event were those unsuspecting generous souls who graciously donated more than their time.  Jeremy Jennings also proselytised over the years.  The number of participants more than quadrupled reaching a dizzying 250 people.

Thanks to the munificence of our Brussels-based followers, coming from both the private and the public sector, the Quiz raised nearly €250,000. In addition to the BBC TV Children in Need appeal, the money raised went to needy children across the European Union, notably in aid of children’s health and safety.